Brazilian Bikini Wax Styles

There are so many bikini wax styles that it can be confusing. In case you fall in need of any bikini wax, this article should help you in cracking the code do all the names associated with pubic waxing for women. However, choose the bikini or Brazilian wax styles that will suite you the most. Make sure to first to look for the best waxing spa in your area. Below are some of the examples.

The full Brazilian bikini – back and front

This is one of the most common bikini wax style. In this style, the removes all hair from the front of the bikini area as well as the area around your butt. The major reason as to why many people are going for this style is to get rid of all hair around their genitals so that one is comfortable at the beach while she only has her bikini on. Also in some areas ask your esthetician about Brazilian sugaring vs waxing because sugar waxing has become more popular and is less painful than traditional hair removal wax.


The Full Brazilian bikini front

This is similar to the above style only that hair is not removed from behind.

Brazilian bikini front with top

This is similar to the full Brazilian bikini front only that the esthetician leaves a landing strip€™ (usually shortened).Hair is removed slightly above the€˜ landing strip’to the area just above the lip’s top.

Deep bikini with top

Hair is removed approximately two fingers from the panty line. Also, hair is removed from top of bikini region, thereby leaving a very clean but small triangle of hair. The benefit of this style is that, one does not need to expose himself/herself since waxing can be done with your underwear on.

The bikini line

This style involves the removal of hair all the way to the panty line. Waxing only reaches the panty line. Apart from the areas outside the bikini area, the entire bikini region is left untouched. However, this is not a common bikini wax style as many people prefer all their hair removed. Ask your professional waxing esthetician about any other waxing styles if you should ever feel confused

The Hollywood wax

This method is commonly associated with experienced esthetician. In this style, all your hair around the genitals is completely removed not even leaving a single hair at the front. This kind of treatment is not usually a simple job, but there are a few good experts who can pull this off. Due to this, it is good to find a specialist who will be able to handle you comfortably to ensure that the exercise is completed with minimal discomforts.

The French bikini wax

This method is also not common among many people. Here, the waxing expert removes all of your hair at the front. This means the removal of all front hair both at the front bikini area as well as the front area outside the bikini. This method is mostly suited to those who are being waxed for their first time and as a result they cannot endure a lot of pain involved in the removal of all the hair in that region.

Before getting waxed, make sure to ask your esthetician about the different sugar Brazilian waxing styles before getting your waxing done. People these waxing procedures many names tell the spa technician clear instructions of what you need is vital in getting exactly what you need